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Charles Hershtik was an English midshipman aboard the Obra Dinn during its final voyage in 1802. He died while fighting a crab-rider.


Hershtik was a midshipman aboard the Obra Dinn, along with Peter Milroy and Thomas Lanke. He assisted higher-ranking officers and tradesmen to learn the operations of the ship. He was often seen along with the other midshipmen.

Hershtik and the other midshipmen were first seen helping the butcher Emil O'Farrell slaughter a cow for its meat. During the slaughter, Hershtik felt sick to the stomach and threw up.[1]

He and the other midshipmen defended the ship during the attack of the crab riders and threw a lantern at one of them.[2] Hershtik then jumped on the rider and was impaled while burning to death.[3]

In the final insurance assessment, the East India Company found extraordinary valor in Hershtik's actions and praised him for exceptional performance of duties. His estate was awarded £50 in outstanding wages and reward.[4]


Hershtik's identity can be deduced in A Bitter Cold, part 3 as he is addressed by his nickname (Charlie). Although there is another Charles on board (bosun's mate Charles Miner), all three midshipmen are wearing the same midshipman's uniform in that diorama and stand together in the Justice at Sea sketch.

Hershtik's fate can be either burning or getting speared, both clearly visible in his death scene. It is also possible to list him as killed with a sword by midshipman Peter Milroy, who is stabbing the crab-rider in the direction of Hershtik.


Hershtik only appears in 4 dioramas and is the least-frequently seen out of the three midshipmen. Chronologically, he first appears in A Bitter Cold, part 3. He perishes in Soldiers of the Sea, part 5. He appears in the Justice at Sea sketch.


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