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Bun-Lan Lim was a Formosan passenger who travelled on the Obra Dinn in 1802. She was clawed/strangled by a mermaid.

Story and fate

Identified in one of the sketches as "Formosan Royalty", Lim was one of four passengers transporting a chest containing a mysterious shell. Lim spent most of her time in her passenger's quarters on the orlop deck, diagonally across from surgery, guarded by Formosan guard Chioh Tan, and her servant It-Beng Sia, who are seen standing guard during A Bitter Cold, part 2 and A Bitter Cold, part 3.

The chest attracted the attention of Second Mate Edward Nichols, who tried to steal it from its Formosan guard Hok-Seng Lau, but was interrupted by passenger Nunzio Pasqua.[1] Nichols killed Pasqua and framed Lau for the death, who was executed for it. Lim spoke up at Lau's execution.[2] Shortly afterward, Nichols and several loyal hands to him stole the chest, kidnapped Lim and Sia, and fled the ship.[3]

On the open sea, Lim and Sia were aware of the danger they were in due to the chest being with them. Sia advised Lim to stay low should the boats be attacked, which they were. Tied up, Lim was unable to defend herself and was clawed to death by one of the attacking mermaids. Her body was returned to the Obra Dinn.[4]

The East India Company insurance assessment on the Obra Dinn incident only stated about Lim that there was no claim made.[5]


Lim can be identified after Murder, part 2, where Sia addresses her as "Miss Lim" in the English translation. Sia does not actually mention her last name but simply addresses her as 小姐 (sío-chía, 'Miss'). As she is the only woman among the Formosan passengers (and the only woman in that scene), this reveals her identity.

By using the French, the Portuguese, or the Spanish language in the game, she can be identified at any point as she is the only female Formosan passenger in the Formosan Royals sketch and game uses sex-specific terms for passengers in the crew manifest in those languages (e.g. passagère for women and passager for men in French).

By using the Chinese language in the game (both traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese), she can be identified by her name (林文蘭 in traditional Chinese and 林文兰 in simplified Chinese) directly, as the character Lan (蘭/兰, lit. orchid flower) is considered feminine when used in given names. Having knowledge of Hokkien language only is insufficient for identify her, as Lan can also be transcribed from masculine character such as 瀾/澜 (lit. billow).


Murder, part 2 is the only diorama where Lim is not tied up and/or being clawed.

Lim appears in six memories, making her the most-frequently seen female character. She first appears, both chronologically and to the player, in Murder, part 2, where she protests against Lau's execution. She appears in the Formosan Royalty sketch and the Justice at Sea sketch, but cannot be highlighted in the latter.


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