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Alfred Klestil was an Austrian bosun for the Obra Dinn during her last voyage in 1802. His arm was ripped off by the Kraken, and he later succumbed to his wounds.


Klestil was the Obra Dinn's bosun aided by his "Frenchman", Charles Miner. He watched over most of the day-to-day crew activities alongside Miner, often in the background.

Klestil first appeared watching the execution of passenger Hok-Seng Lau, a Formosan guard framed for murder. He and Miner were both summoned by Captain Robert Witterel to tie up Captain's steward Fillip Dahl during his interrogation on his reasoning for attacking seaman John Naples.

After a fight with the Kraken, which cost him his arm, Klestil was taken downstairs to a chair in the gun deck. After a brief conversation with Fourth Mate John Davies, he learned that Miner was torn apart, the storm abated, and the Kraken went away with it. When Davies said that Witterel scared the Kraken off, Klestil, dying of blood loss, rasps "A curse like that does not lift for nothing".

The East India Company insurance assessment of the Obra Dinn incident finds exceptional performance of duties in Klestil's actions. His estate is awarded £70 in outstanding wages and reward.


Klestil can be identified after his death in Escape, part 1, where he succumbed to his injury from the kraken. He can be heard cursing in German ("Verdammt", meaning 'damn') and asking for the fate of his "Frenchman". There are two native German speakers on board: Klestil and Gunner Christian Wolff. Klestil has a French mate, Charles Miner. Wolff has a Polish mate, Olus Wiater.

Klestil can also be seen exiting the bosun's store in Unholy Captives, part 4.

In most of his live appearances, he can be seen with the Bosun's Call around his neck or in his hand. The inspector can find it in the bosun's store in real time.


Klestil can be seen in the background of a large number of scenes, however, he does not get a front row appearance until his death in Escape, part 1.