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Alexander Booth was an English seaman aboard the Obra Dinn during her last voyage in 1802. He drowned when the Kraken attacked the boat he was on and was thrown overboard.


Booth joined seaman Nathan Peters and purser Duncan McKay when attempting to abandon ship after the crab rider attack.[1] When Lars Linde asked to join them, Peters refused, blaming Linde for the death of his brother, Samuel. Booth attempted to defend Linde, affirming that the death was accidental, but Peters clubbed Linde anyway. Their boat got attacked by a Kraken assaulting the ship and all three sailors fell into the ocean.[2]

The East India Company insurance assessment on the Obra Dinn incident found out that Booth had abandoned the crew and the vessel. Regardless, his estate was awarded £5 in outstanding wages (the smallest claim out of the entire crew).[3]


Alexander Booth's face becomes unblurred as soon as the player has seen both The Doom, part 1 and Soldiers of the Sea, part 7, indicating that the player is expected to determine Booth's identity based on the hammocks in The Doom, part 2. In this part, only a few hammocks are empty (36, 48, 49, 57), hinting that they belong to people who are above deck. Two of these hammocks belong to seamen Nathan Peters (#48) and Lars Linde (#49), both of whom can be identified right away based on the dialogue in The Doom, part 1, so hammock #57 must belong to one of the other two men escaping on the lifeboat (we can also assume that neither of them use hammock #36 (belonging to topman Omid Gul), since as they clearly do not look or sound Persian). Because Soldiers of the Sea, part 7 allows for the clear identification of purser Duncan McKay, the only other person on the lifeboat in The Doom must be the owner of hammock #57 by process of elimination.

Alternatively, Booth can be identified by determining his status as a seaman and working from there. Once all of the other seamen with more "obvious" clues have been identified, only Booth and seaman Hamadou Diom should be left over. There are two ways of distinguishing them: First, in The Doom, part 1, Booth speaks up and he has a clear English accent, making it unlikely that he is from Sierra Leone (as Diom is). Second, in The Doom, part 2, Booth's numbered hammock can be seen slung on the gun deck. The absence of Diom's hammock indicates that he has already died (as he did in Unholy Captives, part 1). Booth's hammock is empty, as he attempted to abandon the ship with Peters and Linde.


Seaman Alexander Booth witnessing crates crashing down in Loose Cargo, part 1.

Booth appears in 11 dioramas and the Under Way sketch.


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  3. Stated in the insurance assessment book in the epilogue if Booth's fate is deduced correctly.