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Alarcus Nikishin was a Russian seaman aboard the Obra Dinn during its ill-fated voyage in 1802. He was pulled overboard by a mermaid and drowned out on the open sea.

There is no modern or dated name Alarcus in Russian. In the Russian localization, his name is Aleksandr (Александр).

Story and Fate

Seaman Alarcus Nikishin (right) and other Russians playing cards in A Bitter Cold, part 1.

Nikishin was first seen playing cards with his fellow Russians, Leonid Volkov and Aleksei Toporov, while Soloman Syed died of a mysterious lung disease.[1]

Later, he and Toporov were both members of Second Mate Edward Nichols's mutinous group. They helped steal the Formosan chest and kidnap two Formosan passengers.[2] A group of mermaids attacked their lifeboats, and the mermaids pulled them overboard and drowned them.

The East India Company insurance assessment on the Obra Dinn incident found out that Nikishin had attempted mutiny and had stolen cargo. His estate was unknown so £50 were claimed in expenses.[3]


Nikishin can be identified through elimination only. In A Bitter Cold, part 1, the three Russians among the crew can be identified. Leonid Volkov, being a topman, can be seen on the main mast with other topmen in Soldiers of the Sea, part 1. Aleksei Toporov can be identified from the bag with a pipe hanging from his numbered hammock, which he is seen smoking in The Calling, part 1. Nikishin is then identified as the last Russian crew member.



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