These are the achievements in the Steam version of the game.

  • Any Six
    Solve any six fates.
  • Any 15
    Solve any 15 fates.
  • Any 30
    Solve any 30 fates.
  • Any 45
    Solve any 45 fates.
  • Abandon Ship
    Leave the ship without solving all available chapters.
    This triggers when leaving unless the game has prompted that there is nothing more to do aboard the Obra Dinn. Chapter VIII, Bargain, will not be available after leaving the ship.
  • Obra Done
    Solve the entire book.
  • Captain Did It
    Loosely true, in the eyes of Company and Crown.
    Blame all deaths on the captain. This is easier to achieve if you assign random names to everyone so you do not accidentally lock in any fates. The captain himself should be labeled as having committed suicide. The people who actually are alive should be marked as killed by the captain as well.
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