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Abraham Akbar was an Indian seaman aboard the Obra Dinn during her final voyage in 1802. He was crushed when the Kraken wrapped its tentacle around him and a cannon.

Story and fate

Together with William Wasim, Akbar had to look after the burial of Soloman Syed and Renfred Rajub, both of whom died from an illness early on.[1] The tag on his hammock has "X" on it,[2] rather than Arabic numerals like all other hammocks. It can be guessed that Akbar could not count, thus needed the "X" tag to distinguish his own.

Later, Akbar is among the sailors carrying the mermaids to the hold.[3] He is seen turning around the body of Wasim, when the latter died falling down the stairs.[4] After that, he is part of the deck crew when the crab riders come onboard.[5]

Akbar was part of the gunnery crew during the Kraken attack. At one point, the Kraken reached through a porthole and grabbed Akbar and the cannon he had lit, crushing him between the cannon and the hull.[6] The cannon proceeded to go off and kill two more crew members.

The East India Company insurance assessment on the Obra Dinn incident evaluates Akbar differently depending on how the Inspector interprets the deaths of Christian Wolff and George Shirley. If the inspector blames Akbar for shooting the two of them with a cannon, his estate is fined £40 for the murder of two crewmen. Conversely, if the inspector blames the Kraken instead, Akbar is praised for exceptional performance of duties, and his estate is awarded £25 in outstanding wages and reward.[7] (Both fates are accepted as correct by the catalog).


Seaman Abraham Akbar sitting in his hammock. The second tag contains filler text.

Akbar can be seen during A Bitter Cold, part 1, sitting up in his hammock. However, it has no number but the aforementioned X so he has to be identified by elimination. As it is clear that the four Indian seamen sleep close to each other, he has to be the one whose hammock number cannot be seen in this scene.


Akbar appears in 14 dioramas.


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