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Abigail Hoscut Witterel was a Scottish passenger aboard the Obra Dinn during its final voyage in 1802. She died when she was hit by a piece of rigging, wielded by the Kraken.[1]


Passenger Abigail Hoscut Witterel's body in a cabin.

Hoscut Witterel was married to the captain of the ship, Robert Witterel, and her brother, William Hoscut, served as first mate.

Hoscut Witterel was on the main deck during the Kraken attack, looking for her husband, who was below deck trying to force the mermaids to call off their Kraken.[1][2] The Kraken broke a piece of a sail, which crushed her, as Paul Moss, Emily Jackson, and Jane Bird watched in horror.

After she died, her body was taken to one of the port side cabins on where it remained.

In the final insurance assessment, the East India Company recorded no claim made.[3]


Hoscut Witterel can be identified in The End, part 4 when Captain Witterel addresses her by first name and mentions his love for her. At this time, she can also be found tucked into bed in the cabin directly attached to the Captain's cabin, which indicates that the captain cared deeply about her.

In The Doom, part 8 she mentions that she is looking for her husband, the captain. With this information about their relationship, it is deducible that the two share the same last name. Shortly afterwards, she is struck and killed by broken rigging during the attack.


Hoscut Witterel only appears in one memory, The Doom, part 8. She also appears in the Under Way sketch.


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