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A Bitter Cold, part 3 is the last part of chapter II in the plot of Return of the Obra Dinn. It reveals the fate of a large cow onboard the ship.

Shortly after seaman Renfred Rajub succumbs to a lung disease, surgeon Henry Evans tells Third Mate Martin Perrott, seaman Abraham Akbar, and seaman William Wasim to take his body to the carpenter's. Meanwhile, three midshipmen: Thomas Lanke, Peter Milroy, and Charles Hershtik assist the butcher, Emil O'Farrell, in slaughtering the cow for its meat. Shortly after O'Farrell cuts the cow's throat, Hershtik gets sick to the stomach and throws up.

Like Loose Cargo, part 2 and parts 2, 3, and 5 of chapter VIII, the diorama does not reveal the fate of anyone in the crew manifest.

The pocketwatch starts shaking after viewing this diorama, allowing access to A Bitter Cold, part 2.

Things of interest

Charlie got... seasick and had to exit the frame.

  • The identity of all midshipmen can be deduced based on this memory and Escape, part 6.
    • Midshipman Charles Hershtik is addressed by his nickname. Although there is another Charles on board (bosun's mate Charles Miner), all three are wearing the same midshipman's uniform and stand together in the Justice at Sea sketch.
    • Since midshipman Peter Milroy was identified in Escape, part 6, this leaves midshipman Thomas Lanke as the only option for the third midshipman present in this diorama.
  • Butcher Emil O'Farrell can also be identified as there is only one butcher aboard. Though a cook is also present aboard, the butcher is more likely to handle slaughtering cows.
  • Surgeon's mate James Wallace is making a bed in this diorama although he is a bit difficult to find. Wallace is in the surgery but cannot be identified as the surgeon's mate based on this diorama alone.


10 others were present.


This memory is accessed via a skull on the wall in a pen on the starboard side of the orlop deck.


Only the middle portion of the orlop deck is accessible. The exit is towards the ship's rudder.

Transcript Media:Bitter_pt3.ogg

  • [Evans] "Take him to the carpenter's. Get him wrapped and see to the last rites."
  • [O'Farrell] "Hit 'er here. One swing. Get through the skull and stun 'er brain. I'll cut 'er throat when you've done it."
  • [O'Farrell] "Yah. C'mon. Before she kicks up. You all right there, sir?"
  • [O'Farrell] "Mind your shoes now."