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A Bitter Cold, part 2 is the middle part of chapter II in the plot of Return of the Obra Dinn. It reveals the fate of seaman Renfred Rajub.

Third Mate Martin Perrott, joined by seamen Abraham Akbar and William Wasim, take Rajub to the surgery. The surgeon, Henry Evans, tells Perrott that Rajub and his fellow, seaman Soloman Syed have contracted a non-communicable lung disease in the lascar house. Though Evans is unable to diagnose the disease, he rules out consumption (what would be called pulmonary tuberculosis today). He also has given Rajub a dose of laudanum in the hopes that he will recover, but Rajub ultimately succumbs to his illness.

The pocketwatch starts shaking after viewing this diorama, allowing access to A Bitter Cold, part 1.

Things of interest

Third mate Martin Perrott (left) and Surgeon Henry Evans discuss as seaman Renfred Rajub dies.

  • The identities of surgeon Henry Evans and surgeon's mate James Wallace can be deduced based on this diorama. Evans is treating the patient while Wallace is also present. Wallace can also be seen making the bed after Rajub's body was taken away in A Bitter Cold, part 3.
  • The box where the chief inspector gets the pocketwatch at the beginning of the game can be seen under the bed at the surgery. Evans' pet monkey (featured in Bargain) is sitting on top of the shelf in the surgery.


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This memory is accessed via a body hovering on the aft staircase on the orlop deck.


Only the aft portion of the orlop deck is accessible. The exit is by the main mast.

Transcript Media:Bitter_pt2.ogg

  • [Evans] "Same as the other fellow. Some lung disease. Not consumption. Made worse by the cold."
  • [Perrott] "Will it spread?"
  • [Evans] "If so, we'd all have it. They must've picked it up at the lascar house. I checked all hands just now, and everyone's healthy."
  • [Perrott] "And him? What are his chances?"
  • [Evans] "I gave him some laudanum. We'll see."